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  1. The Investment Calculator can help you determine how much you will need to invest monthly to meet a desired investment target. It can also be used to calculate a future amount (End balance) based on whether you invest a lump sum amount or make monthly contributions. For the purpose of calculation, you will be required to input an expected annual average return as well as the time frame in which you have to invest. For the expected annual average return, we recommend you use the track record of an existing investment product as your starting point. You can access this information for Databank’s mutual funds, by referring to the Life performance indicated on the Fund Fact Sheet of each fund (see for the most recent version).
  2. This calculator is for illustrative purposes ONLY and is intended to be used as a GUIDE. The rate of return depends on the start date of your investment and the relevant rate that applies at the time of your investment. All returns are subject to change and are NOT guaranteed. The calculations do not consider any future changes (such as changes in inflation, changes to taxation or interest rates, or changes in your personal financial circumstances) and are not intended to be relied on for making a final decision in relation to an investment product. Please note that when making an investment decision, it should not only be based on returns, but on the track record of the company and its products, and the investment experience of the fund managers.
  3. To the extent permitted by law, neither Databank Group nor its employees, officers and directors accept liability in respect of USE OR MISUSE of this calculator. We recommend that you seek advice from a licensed financial advisor before making any financial decision.

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